Dr. Isabel Sharkar,
the Conscious Creatress Doctor, presents...

CEO Unleashed

Release the burnout, ignite sacred manifesting power, and create a wildly successful femme-aligned life.


Are you a CEO-babe, ready to ditch burnout?

I see you, Super Woman; you couldn't possibly work harder.

Stampeding past the boys to excel in your career? Been there.
$100k+ income? Did that.
Founding a badass business, while slinging a Louboutin and rocking cute stilettos? "Overachiever" is your first, middle and last name.

You’ve already accomplished half the stuff the dreamers are too afraid to put on their vision boards. You, babe, are the ultimate do’er.

But there’s one small (ok GIANT) problem:

You’re stressed AF, burned out and depriving yourself of life’s (meaningful!) pleasures.

Lunch is spent inhaling Sweetgreen in between contracts and clients.

Dinner dates with hubby don’t happen. And your friends retracted your brunch invites after your 47th decline.

You make it rain inside your bank account, but you're freaking exhausted...

Your workaholism, force, push, and constant work-some-more mode is seriously toxic. And if you had to wipe the lipstick off and take a good honest look at your exhausted face — you’re desperately unfilled.

Making your fortune was a massive achievement, but it's left you mega empty.

Your "Big Why" ran off when your sanity did. And now you're stuck, stressed and wondering....

Is this REALLY all there is to life?

Somewhere between the morning meltdown and the (umpteenth) skipped pilates class, it finally hit you...

You don’t want to die having lived a “successful” but unfulfilled life

  • You’re DONE burning the candle at both ends.
  • You’re *finally* realizing bigger is NOT better!
  • You’re done trying to DO more in order to BE more!
  • You’re DONE feeling exhausted and unhealthy!
  • You CRAVE fulfillment, fun and rest!
  • You want to serve from OVERFLOW - not chronic depletion!

You’re ready to plot your ESCAPE out of this crazy system so you can step out
of the rat race and into the life you deserve — without losing your empire.

But how?

Newsflash, Gorgeous. We’ve been brainwashed.

It’s society that’s forcing you to ACHIEVE — not your true nature! And it’s the sick reason 85% of people are suffering from adrenal burnout as you read this page.

As of 2021, researchers are literally warning US Companies that they’re at risk of losing 2 million women in the workforce — 3 out of 4 of them will be due to burnout.

This epidemic is so prevalent, it has a name: The 21st Century Syndrome.

And when high-achieving women like you continue to be seduced by the “work hard, conquer the world” lie the patriarchy fed you, you put yourself at HIGH risk for:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety (women are 2x more likely)
  • Mental Instability
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Digestive disorders
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Substance abuse
  • Antidepressants and prescription abuse

(this is coming from a doctor. That’s me, hi!)

And I’m writing you a prescription that says: depriving yourself of the limitless pleasure, purpose and fulfillment that’s waiting for you RIGHT NOW — will make you sick and freaking miserable.

So if it feels like your adrenals need a break, then keep reading...

Because what follows is my most pivotal biohacking experiment gone RIGHT after 10+ years in naturopathic medicine.

And I’ll be darned if 6 months after I’m through with you, you haven’t effortlessly eased into a level-10 score in ALL areas of your life.


After all the risks you’ve taken...
After all the sacrifices you’ve made...
After all the late nights, exhausted mornings and sub-par relationships...

You are OWED a one-way ticket off the patriarchy hamster wheel. And a straight shot into the full femme embodiment of your life.

So what do you say, Queen?

Ready to step into the HIGHEST version of your legacy?

You know, the one where you get to move deliciously SLOW. But still en joy ALL the luscious cherries on top. Like complete balance, fiery love, intense pleasure, time freedom, passion, gorgeous wellness and deeply fulfilling relationships?

If yes, it’s high time you unleash your CREATRESS magic.

"Dr. Izzy has one of the broadest knowledge bases of the human system of anyone I know. She has an incredible ability to run both physical and spiritual diagnostics on a person to know exactly what needs attention, and which dials need to be turned in order to create optimal transformation. She has grounded wisdom, soulful warmth and epic charisma as a teacher and I would highly recommend working with her!"

The Patriarchy

“The harder you work, the more you get!” The patriarchal system has been so deeply programmed in us, we’ve blindly accepted it as reality.

As women, it’s the only system we have to look up to for running successful businesses or careers. When really, it’s a poorly created structure that is DESTROYING your wellbeing. Biologically, women are meant to operate according to a completely different system. Problem is, no one’s created it.

But when you become a CREATRESS: you’ll forge culture-bending ways of running your business, family and personal life. You’ll understand and start following your Moon Cycle. Creating luxurious space for your business to effortlessly thrive in a way that will feel like feminine magic.

The “You Can Have It All” Myth

Sure, you can have it all, but at what cost??

When you dig down into your soul, do you really want it all? Or are you after a multi-million dollar business because that’s “the ideal?” If you’re like most Creatresses, you’ve become more refined with age. Instead of multiple millions, why not have a manageable multiple 6-figures that allows ample time for yoga, lush vacations and time with your loved ones?

But when you become a CREATRESS: you’ll re-align with your TRUE values. Then command a new Life Blueprint that prioritizes what’s actually important to you. Then achieve it with ease, bliss and calm.

“Holistic Health” that ignores the Golden Triangle!

Too many women are cobbling together their own healing systems.

A fitness app here, a healing remedy there. Going vegan because that’s what their favorite influencer did. When you piece-meal your own DIY path towards healing, it’s a recipe for disaster. And it completely ignores The Golden Triangle...

But when you become a CREATRESS: you allow yourself to be supported by a naturopathic medical doctor with over a decade of experience (that’s me) so you can uncover the unique mix YOU need to heal. One that honors The Golden Triangle...

represents the holy triad of the Creatress and what she needs to live a juicy, passionate, healthy life!

The Golden Triangle includes your mind, body AND soul. Once ALL THREE are healed and integrated can you welcome true health, vitality, magic, purpose, prosperity and connectedness. But if even one is off-balance — you’re screwed, babe.


You can spend hours repairing your muscle tissue beneath the cherry glow of red light therapy — but until you heal your ancestral trauma — it’s impossible for you to reach ultimate health. So as long as you’re living in the 21st century, which I’m guessing you are ;), if you haven’t intentionally worked to heal your Golden Triangle...

You’re currently embodying only one third of your whole self, gorgeous!

It’s not your fault your Triad’s out of whack.

But it’s up to YOU (and only you) to heal it.

“Dr. Isabel is my go-to for authentic, science-led knowledge on how to ignite your health and live a purposeful life.”

- Gina T.

And when you unleash your Creatress, you become a woman who releases the patriarchy — and reclaims sovereignty over her health. You’ll also:

  • Reclaim your power and commit to yourself by living life on your terms. Fully commit to start living the life YOU yearn for. Re-design success by YOUR standards and what’s revealed by looking within. This is true FREEDOM!
  • Treat your body as your temple. Start living by your natural female rhythm to avoid future burnout and reduce stress. Use the healing powers of food as your new medicine, and live cleaner. Discover how hidden energetic forces might be causing dis-ease in your body so you can eradicate it immediately.
  • Get SO clear, you manifest the life of your dreams. No more watching OTHER people relish in lazy mornings, jet-set off to Tulum or Puerto Rico and meet the perfect partners as you sit on the sidelines of your life.
  • Activate your heart and yoni power to manifest powerfully. Feel deeply fulfilled in your intimate relationships. Experience sensual and connected sex with your partner — and feel lit TF up.
  • Overcome Super Woman Syndrome for good. Release the old programs that are not even yours and learn to embody the true power of the Creatress. Surrender to the magic of the Universe and be in flow without pushing so hard. Receive the riches and abundance of the world as you start allowing things to come to you — effortlessly.
  • FINALLY become the star of your own freaking show. Feel confident in yourself and look within for ALL the answers you seek. Show up more powerfully in your life than ever before. Relish in the joy that comes with playing all in — and becoming wild, untamed, and fearlessly unapologetic.

As you uplevel the areas of your life that matter most to you — you’ll become a lynchpin for global change.

The abundant Creatress lives a legacy that leaves the earth a better place for all generations to come.

As you uplevel the areas of your life that matter most to you — you’ll become a lynchpin for global change.

The abundant Creatress lives a legacy that leaves the earth a better place for all generations to come.

As you heal yourself, you’ll pay it forward by healing the world.

A biohacker unlike any other biohacker
(uncovering the potent recipe changed my life forever)

Hey, I’m Dr. Isabel! (but you can call me Dr. Izzy)

Fresh out of naturopathic medical school, my whole life fell apart.

I had just built Indigo Integrative Health Clinic. I worked with every condition under the sun: chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, Lyme disease and even cancer.

Funny thing was, while I was busy optimizing other people's bodies…

I was sacrificing my own.

Exhaustion, depression and chronic dis-ease. You name it, I had it.

There I was. A fresh-faced 29 year old and “perfect” advocate for holistic health — experiencing massive burnout in a city, raging with work-to-the-bone energy.

Then I got Epstein Barr virus on my way back from a trip to Mexico. Then was smacked in the soul with my Saturn Return. Then my fairy-tale British boyfriend dumped me... via text message on WhatsApp.

This was it. I had hit my rock bottom.

Desperate to reset, I turned to what medical school taught me: naturopathic healing.

Intertwining deep spiritual practices I had learned from world-renowned shamans and healers — I started experimenting. Fusions of energy psychology, neuro-linguistic magic and natural healing practices...

It wasn’t until I combined them ALL was I able to restore my mind and body back to complete health.

It was through this deep and profound experience, I found my life’s true calling: to share the same Conscious Creatress Activation that had saved my life with other female entrepreneurs, desperate to heal.

Over 10 years of experience later, the Creatress CEO Unleashed was born.

This isn’t a string of elixirs that only addresses the physical.

This isn’t talk therapy where you re-hash for an hour, but create no real change.

This is a spiritual metamorphosis that leverages energy psychology, naturopathic medicine, energy work and conscious lifestyle coaching — so you can claim your highest health, self-care and self-mastery.

And I’m so honored to have you join us.

“I am a spiritual and holistic being who has been in search of a way to flow into the frantic pace of DC, which can often wreak havoc on my nervous system.

Dr. Isabel has embraced my personal blueprint and understands healing from a deep place. She is a woman of color who understands the needs of others from a genetic and evolutionary space.

Dr. Isabel is a source of light and has used herbal formulas that are carefully crafted to heal my thyroid imbalance and adrenal burnout. We restored my sleep pattern and continue to check in on these ever-challenging areas in my life as a single mother of 2 highly evolved children.

I feel nourished and delighted. I am in gratitude for her application, education and wisdom of listening. She is beautiful, her smile and laugh lights up the room.”

A 6-month transformation for CEO Boss Babes who are ready to smash the patriarchy, reclaim their own health and live the bliss of a consciously created life!

Creatress CEO Unleashed works for high-achieving women who:

Desperately want to restore their health, wellbeing, mind, body and soul back to balance via naturopathic remedies that are customized to their unique situations (no one-size-fits all approaches here! You have very personal and ancestral traumas — let’s handle them correctly)

Don’t want to aimlessly find their way alone, cobbling together meditation, NLP or random treatments. They want to be intentional in their healing. And want the advanced techniques to activate their femme power, and step into balanced wellbeing, intimacy and prosperity in ALL areas of life.

Are ready to be part of a movement of women who are rewriting society’s rules by embracing the *NEW* CREATRESS archetype so they can eradicate ancestral trauma, heal the world as WHOLE women — then leave Earth a better place for all generations to come.

With Creatress CEO Unleashed — you’ll do this and more.

Book your Creatress Discovery Call and Manifest Your New Life

“Dr. Isabel has been a true visionary for me and has been able to help me transform things I never imagined I could. She is incredibly dedicated and her work speaks volumes. I highly recommend her to any woman who is in need of mind, body and spirit medicine. She has helped me transform the way I see the world and I am physically stronger for it.”


  • Use energy psychology clearings to peel off your unique ancestral trauma and the “war tangles” currently existing in your body. Then eradicate them fully so you can stop operating at only a fraction of your potential.
  • Fast-track your own self-mastery through the use of biohacking, neuro-linguistic programming, naturopathic medicine, energy psychology, metaphysical blueprinting and Conscious Lifestyle Consulting™.
  • Re-asses what’s important to YOU, then use it as the North Star as we recreate your gorgeous, balanced, healthy new life.
  • Heal your Mind, Body and Soul Triad, the only thing that needs to be in order for true health to exist. Leverage the myriad of tools that are actually available to you, but pharmaceutical companies have kept from you.
  • Transform your life into one where you wake up happy, relish in deeply fulfilling relationships, embrace balance while still attracting money effortlessly and meet your TRUE life purpose in a whole new way.

“If I had to choose one woman to hold space for me and my healing, it’s Dr. Isabel Sharkar. She has helped me shift the way I think, how to better handle my emotions, and how to care for my body on a deep level. I will cherish all my life all the keys she has shared with me.”

- Alice C.

Here’s what you get:

  • The Creatress CEO Unleashed Curriculum: Receive 6 modules, delivered LIVE across 12 potent group laser trainings. These are chockful with advanced techniques to activate your femme power, ditch burnout, balance wellbeing, intimacy and prosperity.
  • 12 x LIVE Healing All Dimensions and Group Coaching Sessions: Slay curses, clean your energetic field, and pull out the roots of old programs in real time using your deepest wisdom, energy psychology and neuro-linguistic programming. Have all your questions answered as you implement the training to transform your life.
  • The Creatress Detox to accelerate your physical healing.
  • “From Burnout to Brilliance” Guide Sheet — support your journey via herbal remedies, recommended by a seasoned naturopathic doctor.
  • Vault Access: Templates, Workbooks and Daily Practice Guides.
  • On-Demand Tools to clean your energetic field in real time using biohacking, energy psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, naturopathic medicine, archetype work, metaphysical blueprinting and Conscious Lifestyle Consulting™.


When you have a powerful Creatress tribe of wild and unapologetic feminine power, anything is possible. Enjoy this lifetime safe container of uplifting support and healing.

Connect with your Creatress soul sisters and watch the magic unfold.


Over our 6 months together, you’ll:

  • Receive 2 LIVE laser group Creatress CEO Unleashed calls a month (Weeks 1 and 3)
  • Receive 2 LIVE healing group coaching sessions a month (Weeks 2 and 4)
  • In between, you’ll connect with your Creatress tribe for support, inspiration, and wildly unapologetic feminine power
  • After 6 months, our work will be done and you’ll be sent on your way with potent tools to further facilitate your healing for decades to come

“Working with Izzy was the spiritual cleanse that I needed in order for me to take control of my heath, my anxiety and work on pursuing how to develop myself as a leader in my business. She is a light and has changed me forever.”

Enroll during this limited time period,
and you’ll get these
*time-sensitive* bonuses
valued at $6,000

Bonus 1

Moon Magic

Re-design how you operate. The Creatress lives by the cycles of the moon. She honors her body and practices self-care. Through this masterclass recording, you’ll start leveraging the energy cycles of the moon to harvest creative intuitive energy when starting new projects. And release energies that no longer serve you.

Bonus 2

Creatress Queen of

Command ALL 3 forces of the Golden Triangle. If the mind has negative self-talk patterns, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done “right” for your physical health. This mental dis-ease creates a lack of communication within your body. Which literally prevents your body from healing. With The Creatress Queen of Communication training, you’ll tend to this so you can stop living inside a fraction of your health — and step into your FULL femme power.

Bonus 3

Channeling the

Fast-track your gorgeous new reality. Receive 4 potent on-demand meditations and invocations to transform you into a powerful Creatress of love, faith, joy and abundance. Creation begins with thoughts, and thoughts become things. These 20-30 minute immersions will prime the brain so you can command your heart’s deepest wishes. The wider you open your heart, the faster your new reality appears.

“I love working with Dr. Isabel, she has been such a blessing and light in my life. She is able to see things in a way that I am unable to and gives me incredible insight. I am grateful to have found her and her healing methods of health and spirituality.”

- Jesse K.

“Working with Isabel has been amazing. It has really helped me get into my feminine power and love myself. With her help, I’ve been able to get more in tune with nature and my life. I am able to embody more of who I want to be and show up as in the world. I also have improved my health dramatically since working with her.”

Here’s how your 6-month immersion
breaks down…


Get back in the driver’s seat of your life experience.

In Module 1, you’ll…

  • Develop your EMOTIONAL IQ with this unexpected technique
  • Become part of the 1% who leverages THIS HACK over your subconscious (the juicy results that follow will blow your mind)
  • Reshape your mind using the neuro-linguistic programming tools every Creatress must employ
  • Spark your pleasure palace by integrating your heart-yoni-mind connection
  • Reclaim your power, re-establish healthy boundaries and take sovereignty over your life so you lay the foundation for lasting change where YOU, Queen, are in charge


After you’ve set your femme-powered foundation, here’s where you’ll kick to the curb your life-long baggage so it doesn’t stand a CHANCE of standing in your way.

In Module 2, you’ll:

  • Kickstart your Conscious Creatress Power Activation by leveraging 2 potent strategies
  • Eradicate shadows, traumas, phobias and upper level limit drama from your life
  • Heal your toxic ancestral karmic and emotional wounds
  • Begin your Creatress Detox journey
  • Start clearing the 7 channels of elimination and release the mental and physical toxins that are inhibiting your healing power


After you’ve detoxed, you’ll start honoring your internal opulent temple so you can start experiencing your radiant life with both feet in.

In Module 3, you’ll:

  • Identify your own sources of dis-ease so you can begin healing
  • Pinpoint how Super Woman Syndrome is affecting YOUR hormonal system (plus, the key hormones you need to be paying attention to! )
  • Effectively manage stress, start eating right for your unique body. And discover the must-knows behind sleep hygiene and the different phases of fitness (including which one you *actually* need)
  • Leverage epigenetics, naturopathic and functional medicine to biohack your body for thriving optimal health
  • Create your own healing sanctuary and learn why it’s critical you start nurturing your inner garden as of yesterday


Now that you’re regularly honoring your inner opulent temple, here’s where you’ll ignite your sacred womb moon magic and be catapulted towards your highest divine frequency.

In Module 4, you’ll:

  • Re-define YOUR vision of success
  • Re-discover your business and start running it from a place of joy and pleasure (“bye bye, patriarchy, you’ve been officially released!’)
  • Whip your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine back into balance
  • Start living according to your unique Moon Cycle
  • Unlock the power of self pleasure to manifest more powerfully


Now that you’re firing on all mind-body-soul cylinders, here’s where you’ll catapult towards the HIGHEST most potent vision for your life.

In Module 5, you’ll:

  • Manifest your upgraded *NEW* vision
  • Tap into the new blueprint that will command the rest of your life
  • Become unshakably grounded, emotionally stable and resilient
  • Stop sacrificing money for pleasure and create conscious wealth by leveraging the Creatress Money Matrix instead
  • Become an unstoppable female-centric business by connecting to your wild feminine power and becoming a Conscious Creatress CEO


By now, life will be feeling delicious and your life almost unrecognizable!
Now that you’re living in full embodiment with all the tools to support your ongoing healing — here’s where you get to pay it forward and influence the world.

In Module 6, you’ll:

  • Officially be inducted to the Conscious Creatress Collective for female entrepreneurs and leaders who are working together for true global change.
  • Becoming a conscious consumer and become part of a bigger conversation
  • Use your Creatress powers to heal the world with your new profound understanding why the world needs you — now more than ever
  • Be divinely bonded with and supported by a powerful community of Creatresses for lifetimes to come
  • Do your part in leaving the Earth a better place for all generations to come

  • LIFETIME access to the Creatress Unleashed FB Group Vortex
  • 12 LIVE group coaching sessions
  • The Creatress Detox for physical healing
  • From Burnout to Brilliance Guide Sheet
  • VAULT ACCESS: Templates, work books and daily practice guides
  • BONUS #1: Channel the Creatress
  • BONUS #2: Creatress Queen of Communication
  • BONUS #3: Harness Moon Magic
  • LIFETIME access to the Magical Creatress Healing Vortex
  • Direct access to Dr. Isabel, naturopathic medical doctor of 10+ years
  • On-demand biohacking tools to clean your energetic field

“When it comes to health and biohacking, Dr. Isabel is my go to! She has helped me transform my body and how I feel about my body. I am so thankful to her.”

- Jasmine R.

Stop carrying all the weight on your own two shoulders. This way of doing things is harmful and outdated!

“Dr. Izzy is a true visionary, lit on fire by her soul’s mission and in utter devotion to the awakening of our full potential as human beings.

Being with Izzy is akin to being on a timeless cosmic adventure, exploring the depths of consciousness, while leaving no soul stone unturned. One of my favorite qualities about Dr. Sharkar is her courage to dive into her shadows, transmuting them into both wisdom and healing.

Through her own journey, she has synthesized the most potent and transformative healing modalities out there into one container. She is deeply embodied in her work and her presence alone is a transmission of what is possible when it comes to vibrant health. As a guide she is the perfect alchemy of wisdom, powerful presence, fierce compassion and loving patience.

I wholeheartedly trust this woman with my heart and soul. My life has been forever transformed for the best through working with Isabel, the stand she has taken for me and the continual reflection of my soul’s greatness back to me. She is truly a gift to this planet.”

- Dr. Krystle E., NMD Founder of Alchemy Wellness

Not every Conscious Lifestyle Consultant™...

  • Is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor.
  • Has sat with world-renown shamans and healers to embody her full power as a naturopathic medicine woman, mystic and visionary. Understands psychedelic therapies and has sat with indigenous plant medicines like Ayahuasca, Iboga, Psilocybin, and Santa Maria to name a few, as well other therapies like Kambo. As a truth seeker, Dr. Isabel has explored the different dimensions of our existence.
  • Follows and understands the disciplines of astrology, numerology, Human Design, Gene Keys, Sphinx Code and Enneagram types.
  • Has personal experience and professional training in vegetarian, vegan, paleo to pegan (paleo-vegan), ketogenic and metabolic food typing.
  • Has personal experience with severe adrenal burnout and chronic fatigue and has successfully restored her body with naturopathic principles of diet, lifestyle and spiritual modifications.
  • Has been successfully running Indigo Integrative Health Clinic in Washington, D.C., an integrative medical practice for over ten years where she’s seen every condition under the sun from chronic fatigue and hormonal imbalances to Lyme disease and even cancer.
  • Can help fast-track you to self-mastery through the use of biohacking, neuro-linguistic programming, naturopathic medicine, energy psychology, metaphysical blueprinting and Conscious Lifestyle Consulting™.
  • Can help you cleanse and detox your energetic field WHILE you cleanse and detox your body — expect a fusion of energy psychology, neuro-linguistic magic and natural healing practices when you’re working with me!

More About Dr. Isabel

Dr. Isabel is co-founder of Indigo Integrative Health Clinic in Washington, D.C., a thriving clinic that has been serving the local community in health restoration and body optimization for over a decade.

She is known as a beauty expert and has written for magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Byrdie, Pop Sugar, Psychologies Magazine, Huffington Post, Top Sante, Aspire Skin, Net Doctor, Perfect Wedding, Country Weddings, Vogue, and many more. She has been featured in Modern Luxury, NBC news, the Exhausted Docu-series, and numerous podcasts.

Dr. Isabel stands for the empowerment of female entrepreneurs, lady bosses, and boss babes. Through Creatress CEO Unleashed, Dr. Isabel births the new female archetype, the Creatress, who through healing herself is able to heal the world. As Conscious Creatresses we have a calling to leave the world a better place for all generations to come while embodying fun, joy and pleasure.

Dr. Isabel provides a unique opportunity to female entrepreneurs leading them into full self-expression, through healing the mind-body-soul and connection to their personal power and Source.

“Dr. Isabel is a truly wonderful woman, teacher and I’m so honored to have her in my life. She is a true visionary. She inspires me to show up for myself and to show up for my own friends, family and patients. She creates a space that is filled with love, integrity and acceptance to allow me to grow and to follow her path as a truth seeker. Since Dr. Isabel came into my life, I have learned how to better care for myself mentally, physically and spiritually and I will forever be thankful for all that she does.”

- Sarah D.

“Dr. Isabel Sharkar has been and continues to be a daily inspiration of strength, focus, beauty, consciousness, grace and kindness. She has had a tremendous impact on the person I am today, inspiring me to step into the best version of myself each day, mentally, physically and spiritually. I am incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with her and believe anyone would as well.”

- Maisie Hope, Artis

“In a world that bombards us with 'wellness' info from every angle, Izzy is a breath of fresh air. Izzy is one of these women who makes you feel seen, supported and truly heard, whilst giving you the perfect dose of 'pep talk' to help you get out of your own way. She is a pioneer in her work and has spent years (probably more like lifetimes) refining her skills in order to birth these beautiful offerings. You could not be in safer or more well equipped hands. Give yourself this gift!!”